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    Task: to design an online catalog.

    Release date: February 08 2016

    Castorama is a European chain of home improvement and renovation hypermarkets. Company’s twenty-one stores in Russia offer a range of over 30,000 products. A web catalog that helps customers navigate this variety before going to a store was created at the studio.

    The entire product range can be broken down into groups according to the customer’s requirements

    Major sections of the catalog and services offered at stores are illustrated with clear pictograms.

    Product and service icons match the corporate style

    Customers can save future purchases in a list which they can bring on their next visit to the hypermarket.

    Choosing and comparing
    Product card

    Shopping list

    The full list of Castorama stores can help find the closest location and plan a trip or calculate approximate delivery costs.

    Choosing a store from a list or on a map

    Delivery zones
    Information about a hypermarket

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