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Bank of Russia website 3.5

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to update the website of the Central Bank of Russia.

The website of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation has been working for over twenty years during which time it was updated only three times. In version 3.5 the website was adapted to match the bank’s new corporate identity.

The website needed a refresh without any structural changes. The Bank of Russia website has a stable core audience: 80% of visitors routinely return to the site, so the usual structure and functionality had to be maintained.

Recently, the Bank of Russia has received a new corporate identity which was not represented on the website.

Checking the guidelines and refreshing the design.

cbr site4 mainpage
Blocks are colored into signature gray colors, the most important information is gently highlighted with colored inserts. All icons are redrawn in a modern style

One of the new features is the updated mechanism of arranging blocks.

The website has several primary semantic blocks: Main Indicators of Financial Market, Basic Level of Deposits Profitability, Banking Sector Liquidity Indicators. Most often, users update only some of them and skip over the rest.

The new mechanism allows users to arrange blocks based on their importance. Simply drag Average Market Value of the Full Cost of Consumer Credit to the top and the website will remember it and will always show the blocks in the right order. It’s convenient and saves time.

The What’s New section was moved to a more prominent place. Themed announcements inform about upcoming events. Clean banners are used for drawing attention to projects.


The website will be gradually adapted to mobile devices. The most important and prominent sections will be launched on mobile first.

The website acquired a convenient version for visually impaired users.

cbr site4 blind_mode on
cbr site4 blind_mode off
Accessible and primary versions

A separate section of the website provides information about coins and banknotes currently in use. Beautiful commemorative coins are represented by large photographs and a block with information on mintage, price and quantities of precious metals.

cbr site4 banknotes

Description of each banknote contains advice on determining its authenticity which helps distinguish real notes from fake ones.

cbr site4 banknote

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  • Aleksandr Novikov
  • Grigory Abramov
  • The studio wishes to thank Sergei Shevelenko, Vladimir Marchenko and Petr Gavrinev for their help with the project
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