The making of the Central Park shopping center logo and corporate identity

Overview• Process

We need a bright and lively logo with broad opportunities for application and transformation. Inviting several designers to participate in the search for ideas.

cp process 01

Choosing the most promising ones, showing to the client who likes two of them.

cp process 02

In the first concept we try to enhance the illusion of rotation by smoothing the angles and adding transparency.

cp process 03 1

Art director: No, we better not. Let’s keep the shapes clean.

OK. Considering ways to incorporate the text.

cp process 03 2

Suggesting various options for the development of the logo.

cp process 03 3

Demonstrating animation for advertising and LED signs.

cp process 03 4
cp process 03 5

Developing the second concept.

cp process 04 1
cp process 04 2

The client likes both, but leans towards the second one.

Asking the type designer to help with the text. A geometric symbol demands geometric text that is sharp and clear.

cp process 05 1_

Choosing the design with the moderately closed C and R and a low waist.

Adjusting colors and proportions of the elements of the logo.

cp process 05 2

Logos for dark and light backgrounds use different blending modes for black and white backgrounds.

cp process 05 3

Starting to work on stationery. Trying different layouts, color effects and cutouts.

cp process 06 1

At the end deciding to go with a combination of large white areas, bright accents and dense text blocks.

cp process 06 2

Applying the same principle to advertising.

cp process 07 1

We get the idea to place the logo on branded media as a motif referenced in series of photos. The logo is assembled of various bright objects.

cp process 07 3
cp process 07 4

Art director: The transparent colored background is better.

cp process 07 5

The client likes it all.

Creating transport liveries, offering designs for souvenirs, the shopping center’s territory and employee uniforms.

cp process 08 1
cp process 09 2