• Facade   Café  

    Making of CHTPZ facade design

    Overview   Process  

    Initial plan.

    chtpz pr 05

    Design suggested by the client.

    chtpz pr 06

    Early-stage drafts.

    chtpz pr 10

    Altering the roof.

    chtpz pr 11

    Working on the entrance. Pipeline theme dropped.

    chtpz pr 13

    Simple shapes.

    chtpz pr 14

    Side facade.

    chtpz pr 15

    Designing it similar to the front.

    chtpz pr 16
    chtpz pr 21

    Unfolded pattern for the facade.

    chtpz pr 22

    Drafts for mock-up makers.

    chtpz pr 23

    The entrance as seen from the side.

    chtpz pr 25

    Back facade of the meeting hall.

    chtpz pr 26

    Inside, there was to be a passage for visitors with visual explanations of the production process.

    chtpz pr 30

    Color coding flooring for the shops. The furnaces zone is marked in orange.

    chtpz pr 35

    Order a design...