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    Citilink online store templates


    Task: to create templates for an online store.

    Release date: October 12 2015


    Citilink sells electronics both offline and through an online store offering more than fifty thousand products in various categories. Templates that make searching the catalog and making a purchase easy were developed at the studio.


    Main page becomes a showcase for the most popular products

    The website is visited both by beginners and experts in the latest technology. Product filters include parameters for every group of customers.

    citilink site auto
    Simple and advanced filters

    Product cards provide various information about the products including technical specifications and customer reviews.

    All information is divided into tabs. The purchase and similar products block is floating which makes it visible at all times.

    Features of a TV

    When placing an order, it is important to carefully complete each step, going back if needed, which is why the order status block is also always visible.

    Shopping cart page is clear and simple

    A set of icons for product categories and key actions was custom made for the website.

    citilink site icons 01
    citilink site icons 02
    Information at a glance

    The user account page stores a history of previous orders as well as messages left on the website and replies to them.

    Live purchase history
    art director
    technical designer
    technical writer
    interface designer
    beta tester
    project managers

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