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  • The making of the decorative bands for city environment

    Overview   Process  

    Running a domestic research on the existing solutions for decorating standard buildings.

    Gaudy and tasteless.

    Studying some international examples.

    Looking for photos of exceptionally ugly buildings.

    Since the structural seams make the main contribution to the overall ugliness, we entertain a seamingly reasonable idea to cover them up with the patterns.

    Iliya Mikhailov notes that these seams are made of unimprovable shit no pattern can really hide. Ditching the idea.

    Thinking up some patterns and bands, initially making them fancy and wide.

    The art director cranks up the task’s difficulty level a bit by mentioning that the patterns have to slim down and be simple for easier application.

    Continuing our search.

    Coming up with multiple variations of decorating standard building panels.

    Testing different themes: geometric, botanical, and animalistic.

    While working on the Patterns catalog, the typesetter comes up with a suggestion to apply ornamental bands to utility buildings and curbs. Looks great.

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