Logo for the Comfortable City series of events

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Task: to develop a logo for a series of events dedicated to urban development.

Comfortable City is a series of seminars, lectures, round tables and other educational and discussion events aimed at searching for solutions for creating a comfortable and resident-oriented urban environment. The events are hosted by the Main Architecture and Planning Department of Moscomarchitecture which commissioned the studio to create a logo for the series.

comfort city logo
The logo

At the heart of the logo is a tree whose crown represents a city landscape. Bright location marks on street-branches symbolize the fruits of cooperation of designers, experts, private companies, municipal authorities and members of the public in the field of urban development.

comfort city tree
Fruitful collaboration

comfort city things

Release date: August 27 2014


artistic director
art director
type designer
project manager
The studio wishes to thank the Vice-Chairman of the Committee for Architecture and Urban Development of Moscow Tatiana Guk and the director of Architecture and Planning Authority of Moscow Gennady Belyaev for their trust and comprehensive help with the project.

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