Komplektatsiya Oteley logo

Task: to help a business get started.

Komplektatsiya Oteley is a new company that is planning to provide textiles, pool and beach furniture, and tableware to hotels in the south of Russia. To enter the market, the supplier needs a starting point. We created an identity for the company.

The corporate identity was conceived as a kaleidoscope, it’s modular and variable. Such identity is a true construction set that is not limited to existing forms. New images can be created endlessly with the help of ready-made elements. In addition, the logo takes into account the address of the future website.

The company’s profile is represented by pictograms with multiple meanings. On the first one some will see bed linens, others a tablecloth. The second one resembles the sun or a beach umbrella. And the plate is simply a plate, a symbol of hospitality.


The moveable and scalable parts of the identity can be assembled into a pattern that can be multiplied and turned into a solid canvas or disassembled into individual drawings. This allows to brand different media in their own way.


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Made in 30 days
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