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  • The making of the Crimea logo

    Overview   Process   Vector  

    It all starts with a letter, as is tradition.

    crimea process letter

    Generating the first ideas. Soviet charm, Tatar motifs. The coat of arms of Crimea also provides hints.

    crimea process 01

    Art director: Crimea is about ten times wider.

    Trying to work with natural motifs and Soviet lettering. We also need to try and tell about local architecture and the sea.

    crimea process 02
    crimea process 03

    Deciding to see how the better designs look on media.

    crimea process 04
    crimea process 05

    The colored circle idea seems interesting. It features a pearl and the sea and provides infinite capabilities for creating new variants.

    Now for the typeface. We need a modern grotesque with some oddities thrown in.

    crimea process 06

    We don’t like the letter M, it reminds of the Marriott logo. Asking the type designer to find a better shape. We also need to work on the English text.

    crimea process type 01

    The art director liked the letter Ы with a diagonal stroke, using it for inspiration.

    crimea process type 02

    Art director: It’s a stylized design, so no.

    crimea process type 03

    Choosing the letter M, but now we don’t like the C.

    crimea process type 04

    Choosing the C.

    crimea process type 05

    The designer walks by.

    crimea process 07

    Going back to the logo. We need to experiment with the graphics. Maybe go with smoother contours or more active stretches.

    crimea process 08
    crimea process 09

    Simultaneously working on the details of the typeface. Right now the text looks rough when placed in the circle, it also looks like the letter К turns into Ж. There is a problem with the slanted letter cut-off as well.

    crimea process 10

    Preparing a presentation.

    crimea process 11

    We should work more in the chosen direction. The art director suggests we go back to the plastic details. We can also try a more peculiar lettering while we’re at it.

    crimea process 12

    Preparing more backgrounds and a straight text style.

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