The making of the Ctrl+O opener

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Opening up the process.

ctrl prom process idea

Getting control over proportions, typefaces, scale.

ctrl prom process 01
ctrl prom process 02

Making a blueprint of the graphics placement.

ctrl prom process 03

Checking out metal finishing options.

ctrl prom process 04

The color coat is not consistent, need to run another test.

ctrl prom process 05

More tests later and the opening gets modification to work more smoothly.

ctrl prom process 06
ctrl prom process 07

Another sample with defective color application.

ctrl prom process 08

It also does not match the drawing.

ctrl prom process 09

Collecting all the prototypes and test results to choose the right way to go.

ctrl prom process 09a

One of the production samples.

ctrl prom process 09b

Creating the packaging.

First sketches.

ctrl o package process 01

Art director: Nice concepts. Let's get the one with a window as a starting point. See the attachment.

ctrl o package process 02

Art director: You can paint the caps in different colors and use drinks for file names: coke, beer, milk, lemonade, sparkling water, and punch.

By the way, we need all this in English.

ctrl o package process 03

Designer: To support the hot keys idea we can use a pop-up hints.

Art director: The colors scream “made in China.” Let's stick to the black version and put all caps against a carbon backdrop.

The opener itself is going to be physically placed against this backing, so the proportions are crucial.

ctrl o package process 04

Designer: We can die-cut an opening for the product on the front side of its packaging.

Art director: We could. But so far it does not resemble a packaging.

ctrl o package process 05

Designer: The backing is made of dense vulcanized fiber, something like a touch cover. Fix the opener inside with a black or clear string. The outline of a bottle with a launched cap can be varnished.

ctrl o package process 06

Designer: I've changed the caps to actual size of 32 mm (1.25″). And I suggest to leave them outlined like that to avoid competition with the product itself.

Art director: I'm not sure it's possible to varnish the precise contour of a bottle, so it's better to leave it alone, without any overlapping.

The word “bottle” is not very legible because of the cap shape on top. We need our barcode logo outlined on top of the regular barcode on the back. I do not like the logo and URL placement. I'd also round the corners. Everything else is good.

ctrl o package process 07

Art director: The typeface does not really work. Pick a different one and try it in varnish. The title should be spelled out “Control-O” and should be set in the right order “Opener Control-O.” Same thing for the English version.

ctrl o package process 08

Art director: Words “cocktail” and “lemonade” clash because of the same angle, not good.

ctrl o package process 09

Art director: 1 is better. I thought, we do not communicate the main point. Put some light color under the O-opening to make it pronounced.

ctrl o package process 10

Art director: Let's take the second one and try sans serif for the front. Trade “Lemonade” for a “Soft drink.” Move text in Russian to the bottom, for the one in English switch the lines and move it to the top.

ctrl o package process 11

Designer: Sans serif for the whole facade or just caps captions?

Art director: For everything. Last correction for the text in Russian is a plus sign in «Контрол+О».

ctrl o package process 12

Art director: Off to printing it goes.

Printing layer by layer chart for the production staff.

ctrl o package process 13

Sample of the varnish printing and the base material. We don't like it. Making the varnished graphics bleed.

ctrl prom process 10

Now it's much better and all the bottlenecks successfully avoided.

ctrl prom process 11

Order a design...