The making of the Dairy Culture desserts packaging

• Process

Highlighting different types of desserts with colors and decorative rules.

After speaking to the client, the art director suggests creating colored labels for flavored products. Trying to match paper color with the color of the flavor.

Art director: No, the color has to be rich, like colored paper.

Art director: Even more saturated.

Cups for unflavored desserts can be almost entirely white.

The client asks to come up with designs that would make the filling visible.

Considering what a transparent cup could look like.

Getting the first images from the illustrator and assembling a berry border.

The client asks to get rid of the leaves and make berries more realistic.

Another idea is born: a non-transparent cup with a window for the filling. “Melting” the berries and flowers into the paper to give it a handmade look.

Going back to transparent cups.

The latest product range includes three desserts with red fillings: strawberry, cranberry and lingonberry. Discarding the colored caps and additional colors in the typography. Typesetting new texts, adding illustrations to the stickers and preparing the presentation.

The client likes the result. The illustrator visualizes the remaining flavors.

Creating new borders.

Remembering to check the labels on life-sized mock-ups.

To avoid distorting the barcode, moving it from stretch film onto the sticker.

Test production run reveals a problem: the film printing machine can’t recognize the cut marking on transparent film. We need to clear up a free area for the marking.

Finding the spot for the markings while maintaining uniform distribution of the illustrations.

Removing paint from the napkin, keeping the impression only.

Deciding on the icons for the sealing foil.

Preparing mock-ups for printing.

Order a design...