Book design for the Science Fiction series published by Deich

Overview   Process  

Problem: Design a book series for well-off bibliophiles.

There are ten volumes in this Science Fiction series. They include the best works by the great masters of the genre: Kobo Abe, Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Karel Capek, Stanislav Lem, Clifford Simak, Kurt Vonnegut, Hentry Kuttner, Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, Robert Sheckley.

The books are printed in Austria, hand assembled and packed into individual cases enveloped in metallized paper. Each book has only a hundred copies.

Books in their cases. The specially curved edge makes it easy to get hold of a book

*  *  *

The series uses simple top-quality materials and technologies: ivory leather, foil stamping and blind embossing. The edges are covered with silver.

Book by itself

Headbands and bands on the binding edge are highlighted with luminescent paint, and the height of the title box varies depending on the contents.

Release date: January 20 2010


art director

The Sci-Fi series logo employs the only true metaphor:

The Deich logo, redesigned as well, is now cleaner, with more contrast.



Each volume has special headband marks to help find the first pages of major works. There are no such marks for short stories.

Complete series on one’s shelf

The modular grid used conforms to classic book canons. Along with the book design, we prepared thorough guidelines for page layout and design, as well as detailed recommendations for selecting illustrations.

Isaac Asimov, pages 6–7

Isaac Asimov, pages 288–289

Isaac Asimov, pages 398–399

Kobo Abe, pages 50–51

Ray Bradbury, pages 232–233

Karel Capek, pages 190–191

Karel Capek, pages 246–247

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