• Graphic design
  • Demilie
  • The making of the Demilie creamed honey gift box

    Overview• Process

    Looking and various modern examples of cardboard packaging. Making first sketches.

    Visualizing better designs.

    As we work, we get an idea to make the box in the shape of a frame.

    Trying some more conservative options.

    Getting another idea for a hexagonal box that will unfold like a flower when the lid is removed.

    Also creating designs where the jar is supported by transparent inserts that make it look like it’s floating in the air. Trying to incorporate graphic illusions à la Cinematografica.

    The client chooses the frame-inspired design. Starting to develop it.

    Trying various dimensions and layouts. Testing the strength using a mock-up of the jar. It turns out that a cardboard insert is required to maintain the shape.

    The optimal size has been found, now it’s time to work on the design. Deciding to use the contrast of the bright jar and the restrained box. Using gloss lacquer to print the signature graphic elements that will reflect the jar.

    Testing the graphics layout in real life.

    Making final adjustments and sending the mock-ups to the print shop.