• Graphic design
  • Demilie
  • The making of the Demilie honey logo

    Overview• Process

    We start by creating emotional designs matching the high grade of the product. Developing historic image of the company.

    Trying the designs on various honey jars.

    Creating another variant with honey-inspired lettering.

    A hexagon, flowers and berries give us a modern design that changes depending on the ingredients of the product.

    Putting together a presentation and showing to the client. The client likes the designs but wants something more technological that would be a reflection of modern honey production techniques.

    Searching for formal type-based solutions, images of honeycombs, flowers, drops. Rhyming the d and the e.

    The art director says that the sign is too much: it mixes both uppercase and lowercase letters and has the cursive D. The letters also lack contrast. The feedback comes with a sketch that gives us two more designs to explore.

    Drawing the letters, the D becomes capital.

    Trying the result on a label.

    Another design is a modern one with dripping honey. The drops provide a nice contrast to the geometric grotesque type.

    Trying it on a jar as well.

    Exploring a stencil-based design with a honeycomb in the letter D.

    Another variant comes up with a flower growing out of the d.

    Searching for interesting typefaces suitable for honey and adding some meaning to them.

    This logo can be featured prominently on the packaging.

    The client likes the first and the second designs and ultimately the second one wins.

    The type designer redraws the letters.

    The artistic director asks to add the dots above the i.

    And make them dripping.