• Graphic design
  • Demilie
  • The making of the Demilie creamed honey packaging

    Overview• Process

    Starting to work on packaging design.

    Suggesting glass relief but it turns out to be too expensive to manufacture.

    Creating a series of bright stickers of various shapes.

    Drawing colored stripes with bright pictures representing flavors.

    Showing flowers and berries growing from underneath the lid.

    Rendering this idea in different styles.

    The client chooses the stripes. It is a popular design which means we need to add something unique. The result is packaging with a series of patterns.

    A design with active geometry. Unflavored honey jars have stripes, strawberry and cherry honey has berry-shaped patterns and so on.

    Another design with mixed hand-made graphics.

    A perfectly edible packaging with an active lid.

    The client chooses the mixed pattern design. Elaborating, adding a window to show the contents.

    Creating a series of patterns and deciding how to separate the flavors.

    Receiving labels from the designer. Choosing the style of the text on the packaging.

    Making the first approach.

    And the second.

    The art director chooses lettering. Asking the type designer to write Creamed Honey in the style of the bottom label.

    Looking at samples in real size.

    Sending the final layout to the artistic director, preparing files for printing.

    Putting together a presentation box in the same style.

    Fine-tuning the location of spots and the text according to the art-director’s comments.

    Making sure to assemble the boxes and test them both opened and closed as we go.

    The dimensions change slightly. Retypesetting and reassembling.

    Preparing the file for printing.