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The making of the Demilie website

Overview• Process

Talking to the client. The new product needs a full website and even though the product is already available, the website is still at a planning stage. It means we need to come up with an info page where people will see and want to buy the creamed honey and can find ways to contact the producer.

Looking at the company’s corporate identity and drawing first sketches.

demilie promo process 1

Honey twists which means we need to show it with something rotating.

Deciding to divide the website into two parts, a standard text page and a virtual reality section which is where we’ll have rotation. The client likes the idea.

To make sure everything fits, creating subsections for each information block and a menu to switch between them.

demilie promo process 2 1

Art director: Good, but lacks zing.

Changing the mood and turning everything into circles.

demilie promo process 2 2

Virtual reality can be viewed using a special headset. The client wants to use it at trade shows. Starting to think and draw sketches.

demilie promo process 3

Decorating the headset, testing at the studio and showing to the client.

demilie promo process 4

Working on the eyes, adding a brief guide on how to use it.

demilie promo process 5

Changing the designer. Starting to finalize the VR section and all the details. Suggesting to have the website feature more of the product.

demilie promo process 6

Creating animation of a jar with a lid being twisted off so that visitors can see the honey inside. Rendering a new beautiful jar.

demilie promo process 7

Finalizing the contents. Photographing models for the VR.

demilie promo process 9

Selecting the best shots, retouching.

demilie promo process 10

Choosing the main model.

demilie promo process 11 1
demilie promo process 11 2

The second one is a better fit.

Taking separate shots of the plaits and assembling the final image.

demilie promo process 12

Art director: It needs more excitement.

Using the VR images to add life to the jar on the main page.

demilie promo process 13

Moving the jar to the center and adding an LSD animation to attract attention.

demilie promo process 14

Assembling and uploading the final version of the VR section. Showing the website to people at a trade show. They are really excited about the purple bees, skydivers and guys on bicycles but have trouble finding the link to the VR section.

demilie promo process 15

Taking time to think how to attract attention to the jar. Deciding to add an animation inside.

demilie promo process 16

Problem solved.