The making of the Moscow parking lot design

Overview• Process

Trying to think what kind of problems could be encountered by a person who is using one of the city’s parking lots for the first time. They can mix up the exit and the entrance, thus creating a traffic jam at the gates. Or they can remember that they haven’t paid for parking on their way to the gates, leave their vehicle to pay and obstruct movement of other cars. Or wander around the lot searching for the payment terminal. All of these problems can be easily solved with pavement markings.

moscow flat parking process 01

Pavement markings work great for drivers, but for those who have already left their cars, the information is going to be provided on signs.

moscow flat parking process 02

The art director doesn’t like the arrows: the proportions should not be square, it should be clear where the arrow is pointing, which means the stem should be longer.

moscow flat parking process 03

Updating the arrows, testing sign dimensions and typeface sizes first at the studio and then at real Moscow parking lots.

moscow flat parking process 04

Deciding to add a reminder to pay for parking before exiting on pavement by each parking space.

moscow flat parking process 05

Too many letters, it would be difficult to read.

moscow flat parking process 06

Formulating rules, designing guides.