• Graphic design
  • The making of the Dessa Decor logo

    Overview• Process

    Client: Dessa Decor (website at dessa-decor.ru) produces decorative plasters and paints. We make a mass-market product, decorative coatings at the price of good wallpaper. We’re growing fast and want to look nice since the design of other similar Russian brands leaves a lot to be desired. In 2017 we started a complete refresh of our product range to become not only cheaper but also better than Italian manufacturers. We’ll take care of the chemistry, but will need the studio’s help with the design.

    We will be producing other finishing materials, too, so we don’t want to emphasize decorative plasters only.

    The target audience has above average income, but our philosophy is producing mass-market, affordable products with no hint of elitism.

    We don’t have any preferences regarding colors or shapes, we will be redesigning our website and product labels to match the new style.

    Getting acquainted with the client’s business.

    Remembering that painting can be fun :D

    The art director recalls the logo of Düsseldorf and rejects the idea.

    Another idea: Dessa Decor can help paint walls of any length.

    OK, sending to the type designer to have a look.

    Time to try it on. Trying to take photographs at the studio, but all photographers are busy.

    Taking a picture of a wall with a phone and rendering a paint bucket.

    Meanwhile, the client tries the logo on the site.

    Express design is ready.