Di Alpino coffee visual identity

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Task: to create a brand name and visual identity for coffee and a chain of coffee shops on wheels.

Di Alpino—a true Italian coffee that is served in a chain of coffee shops on wheels in Odessa. In our studio we’ve created the brand name and visual identity.

di alpino logo
The logo uses a stained glass motif as a symbol of Renaissance and the special status of coffee in Italy

di alpino logo black
Outline version of the logo

Name and logo aside, we’ve also designed coffee bags, signature china, paper cups, scooters and other essentials for mobile coffee shops, which all got a detailed description in the style guide.

di alpino coffee
Color-coded blends

di alpino paper cup
Paper cup with signature stained glass artwork

di alpino arabica
Coffee bag with Arabica

dialpino cup plate
Demitasse and saucer

di alpino car
Coffee shop on wheels
di alpino brandbook
Endpapers and pages from the style guide

Release date: July 29 2011


art director
designer and copywriter
type designer
project manager

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