Diagnocat dental analysis system interface

Task: to create a new look for a system that helps analyze dental examinations.

to create a new look for a system that helps analyze dental examinations.

Diagnocat is a platform for cloud-based storage and processing of digital dental images using artificial intelligence which assists dentists in diagnosis and treatment planning. The platform is currently used by doctors in three hundred and fifty clinics in Russia and the CIS, and the developer is planning to enter the markets of Japan, Europe and the USA. The studio identified shortcomings of the system that affect user experience and helped fix them by updating the interface.

Research and analysis

To start, we conducted a large-scale study: we interviewed the client, studied the system and talked to doctors. The result is the new layout of the platform that considerably improves user experience.

I want to see the activity of other doctors related to the patient

I can’t see the big picture of the patient’s condition

The Confirm Report button is too small

I don’t know anything about new features or how to use them

I want to be able to do uploads with minimal effort and time

Visualizations look unpleasant and can’t be shown to patients

Essentials at hand

On the main page doctors can assess the day’s workload, quickly view fresh reports and tasks, read comments and learn about the latest events from informative stories.

Taking care of new users

When a dentist logs in for the first time, a cute mascot presents them with information about the main features and benefits of Diagnocat.

Smart reports

One of the cool features of the platform is the ability to create dental reports from cone-beam CT scans using AI. The new design makes it truly convenient.

The artificial intelligence identifies problem areas, but there is always the option to edit the final diagnosis manually.

After working with a report, users are invited to evaluate the work of Diagnocat.

For patients

After the work is completed, the dentist gives the patient an easy to read report which explains the diagnosis and makes it clear what needs to be treated.

diangocat doc 1

The studio

The completely reimagined tool for working with 3D models has pleasant styles and well thought-out menus.

diangocat bottom
diangocat cat_bottom

The new Diagnocat is high-tech and modern. It outperforms the competition and this is clear from the first glance: the user interface with enriched user experience and great visuals is accessible to everyone.

3D designer and coder

technical designer

motion designer


Made in 77 days
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