• Graphic design
  • The making of the Docs in Box logo

    Overview• Process

    Client: Docs in Box is a service for interaction between suppliers and restaurants. We receive an electronic order from a restaurant, upload it to the supplier’s accounting application, taking an invoice from the supplier and uploading it to the restaurant’s accounting app. As we go, we process the documents and in addition to saving time and money try to bring in some added value: we control supply prices, help restaurants and suppliers find each other and help take care of documentation related to alcohol (which presents enough problems due to complex alcohol regulation in Russia).

    Looking at the current website and identity.

    docsinbox process 1

    Designer: A couple of ideas.

    docsinbox process 2

    Art director: I like the top line in 1 and the bottom line in 2.
    3–6 are OK but the crosses are confusing.

    Designer: I’ve combined the lines and tried to get rid of the cross.

    docsinbox process 3

    Art director: 2 and 5 are OK, wrap it up.

    Choosing the color. Deep blue is exactly what we need.

    docsinbox process 4

    Polishing the details.

    docsinbox process 5

    Done, sending to the client.