The making of the Soul of Russia ethnographic park logo

Overview• Process

Client: Our project is a project of the Soul of Russia ethnographic park. The park’s logo is first of all a mood and a rhythm. The visual should contain folk motifs but not be based on them. It is very important for us to be able to transfer the logo and its details to the park’s identity. We don’t want to create an untouchable emblem, we want to have a central, key symbol with self-sufficient elements. A general mood. It’s a flight. The flight of the Russian soul. Why do we need the folk reference? The park’s audience is international. Emotional message. Russia’s soul is holistic, multifaceted, colorful and generous. It is backed by traditions and special aesthetics. The key image that in our opinion is very close to our project is the Firebird. It is important to make sure the logo can be animated (of course, it will be animated in certain cases). Parts or elements of the logo will be used in souvenir products, stage branding, navigation, etc. The logo will be used both in color and monochrome (printing, embossing, woodburning). Overall, the logo will be the first step in developing the park’s identity, it’s corporate style and the styles of the objects it contains (restaurants, hotels, etc.).

Designer: A generous soul and a cocktail of Russian cultural attributes.

dusha rossii process 01

Art director: The first one is hardcore. The second one lacks the flight.

dusha rossii process 02

Art director: The kaleidoscope is better.

Designer: A transforming logo. The composition remains the same while the graphic elements with photos can be changed.

dusha rossii process 03
dusha rossii process 04

Art director: Let’s try to avoid balalaikas and fur hats.

Designer: A hybrid of a double-headed eagle and the Firebird.

dusha rossii process 05

Art director: 20 is nice.

Designer: Shapes and colors.

dusha rossii process 06

Art director: 26 is OK. Let’s also try to paint it in the colors of the Russian flag.

Designer: Here.

dusha rossii process 07

Art director: 32.