eBazaar personal organizer layout

The design of typical pages and composition are spotlessly clean and orderly. All trinkets were removed. Instead, we added plenty of useful information brought together into easy-to-use tables.

This corporate diary will be printed in Italy by Nazareno Gabrielli especially for eBazaar.

Tables of major length and weight units, the time of alcohol decomposition in blood, comparative clothing and footwear sizes in different countries, bar code deciphered

Automotive codes of Russian regions and the world’s domain zones (both tables are presented in two variants: as sorted by alphabet and by meaning)

World map with time zones

Template of the diary’s double page grid

Release date: March 11 2003


art director

From the client:

Tatyana Inozemtseva
advertising manager
formulation of requirements for external look and content, project management on behalf of eBazaar

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