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Task: to create a website out of a collection of texts.

Editorium.ru is a website based on the book On Editing and Editors by Arkady Miltchin who since 1944 has been collecting excerpts from articles, stories, anecdotes, parodies, letters and books which somehow relate to editorial work. This collection became the basis of an extensive anthology representing the history and nature of the art of editing through original sources.

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At the core of website navigation is a subject index

Although the book is addressed mainly to editorial and publishing workers and authors, it can be of interest to those who are far from the publishing industry, but who are interested in the process of creating literature.

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Section on proofreading

The readers have the freedom to read the texts consecutively, select only the most interesting topics or study the work of individual authors and editors with the help of a name index.

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Many texts relate to more than one subject which is evident by the index

Editorium.ru contains more than 1 700 texts with more to follow.

Release date: September 06 2011


art director
interface designer and editor
chief editor
Aleksandr Nosikov
Yulia Annenkova
Arkady Miltchin

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