Efes Pilsener beer website

[The work is in the museum]

The website encourages you to enjoy life. Efes heroes travel a lot, do extreme sports, study architecture and lie on an ocean beach in a good company, with a glass of Efes beer in hand, watching the sun go down.

To fit the image, you have to upload your own photo. Then all stories on the website will be yours

One of the heroes soars under parachute over the Indian Ocean: you can see him clearly through camera lens on the main page of the website. The stories of other adventures illustrate all the information on Efes beer and related places and events.

Several pages of the website feature information on Moscow Efes Brewery. The data on breweries owned by the company and the product catalog containing all beer brands are primarily addressed to partners and wholesale customers.

The website was ordered by Moscow Efes Brewery.

Release date: September 10 2004


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