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Ego digital business card website

Task: to introduce users to the Ego digital business card and tell about its advantages.

A website for the Ego virtual business card was designed in the studio. It is as bright and diverse as the card itself.

The Ego digital business card is a mini story that the owner writes about himself or herself. There are several types of cards available for different occasions.

Everyone needs a business card: it is a universal way to meet new people and stay in touch.

Visitors can use the website to create their first Ego card and see how quick and convenient it is. The result is immediately ready to be shared with others.

The website explains the advantages of Ego over conventional business cards and website builders.

Printed business card

Needs to be reprinted if contact details change.

Contains limited information.

Cannot be sent as a link.

Personal business card website

Requires learning to use the website builder or hiring a designer.

Contacts can only be transferred to the phone manually.


Can be created in minutes.

Easily updated with information.

Contacts can be easily transferred to the phone book. To share contacts and introduce yourself, all you need to do is show someone your QR code or send them a link to your card.

Ego cards cannot be found with a search engine, they are only accessible to those who have a link. Only the owner of a business card can decide what to show and tell others.

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Hi, I’m Alexander
Get in touch
About my company

Ego is diverse. It allows everyone to express their individual character in a concise and beautiful way.

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Made in 46 days
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