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energoatom-presentation-win.zip (Application archive for Windows, 65.8 MB)

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Problem: Tell about modern nuclear energy technologies in a simple manner.

This presentation tells about Energoatom’s business and activities, the company structure and prospects. A physicist gives an insight into what happens inside the nuclear reactor, the purpose of it, and the safety of the system. It features two animated movies at the end.

Short version with animation (Flash, 26.8 MB)

Front page

What it’s for

Nuclear power plant safety is one of Energoatom’s major goals

About the future

Animation explaining what nuclear energy is

Short version

Distributed on CDs

Release date: March 03 2009


art director
Ludwig Bistronovsky
Dmitry Chekin
Pochtenny Stirpayk
flash technologists
Anton Sidorenko
Aziz Zaynutdinov
Denis Kolesnikov
Tatyana Devaeva
Stas Shalaev
Maksim Pantsyrev
Anastasia Mescheryakova
Maria Kiseleva

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