Electronics design and manufacturing

Art. Lebedev Studio Electronics Development and Manufacturing Division is involved in mechanical and electronics engineering.

We have created and launched a whole range of electronics products, including devices under our own brand, each with unique functional design, either already patented or with patents pending.

We also work with other companies on industrial and technical design projects, assist in arranging production and provide production support at all stages. We possess valuable experience that enables us to successfully put the most original and daring ideas and solutions into practice.

Some of our products, such as miniature key modules with OLED displays designed specially for our Optimus Maximus keyboard, are used as OEM components in complex specialized equipment.

We have established production facilities and logistics network in Taiwan, China and Russia, and offer efficient support throughout the whole lifespan of a product design project, from R&D to the end consumer.

We will be glad to consider your electronic/mechanical product design project.

Electronics Director Maxim Pavlukhin

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