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  • Logo and visual identity for Moscow Hermitage Garden

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    Task: to develop a logo and visual identity package for a park with rich cultural history.

    The Moscow Hermitage Garden is a historical monument of landscape architecture and a cozy place right in the center of Moscow. There are theaters, cafés, flower gardens, pavilions, festivals, and all sorts of entertainment. Moscow residents have a year-round opportunity to spend an excellent time here and relax. The garden first opened its doors in 1894 and has remained one of the most refined places in Moscow ever since. Our studio developed a visual identity package for Hermitage in it’s historically inherent spirit of modernism.

    ermitazh logo main
    The main logo

    The Hermitage garden has a rich history and an eventful present. Each type of park activity had its own version of the logo made specifically for it.

    Release date: July 19 2013


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    type designer
    chief typesetter
    project managers
    The studio would like to thank Ilya Chernyshov, Alexey Chibin, and Anatolia Amosova for their assistance on the project
    ermitazh logo cafe
    The park cafés are delightful

    ermitazh logo cinema
    One can enjoy the outdoor cinema during the warmer months

    ermitazh logo kids
    Park’s beautiful alleys are a popular place for taking a walk with your children

    ermitazh logo music
    The summer stage hosts big music festivals and concerts

    ermitazh logo ski
    There is an ice skating rink in winter

    ermitazh logo theater
    Each theatrical season there are three fully active theaters: the Hermitage, the Sphera and the Novaya Opera

    ermitazh logo wedding
    All year round the garden serves as the spot for romantic dates

    ermitazh logo bw options
    The main logo and all of its variations also come in elegant black & white

    In addition to the extensive set of logos, the studio also created stationary templates. For cultural events, it created poster templates; their proper layout and usage guidelines were included in the corresponding guidebook.

    ermitazh bb
    Pages on how to use the logo with different color backgrounds

    ermitazh document set
    Corporate gifts and stationery

    ermitazh afisha scheme
    ermitazh afisha paper
    ermitazh afisha full
    Poster design guidelines

    Each interesting spot in the park got its own “flower bud” information sign.

    ermitazh flowers bb
    Pages inside the brand book with sign installation instructions

    ermitazh flowers in use

    ermitazh in interior
    ermitazh logo tea

    ermitazh umbrella
    Enjoy your walk!

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