Address-Moscow online address book

[The work is in the museum]

The most complete Moscow map in the Internet.

Address-Moscow is a joint Euroaddress and Art. Lebedev Studio project.

The site is bright with colorful graphics and photographs that do not slow down its loading

Looking for certain information you will find handy the site’s map, its convenient navigation and built-in search engine.

Address-Moscow is a unique interactive address book. Users can use any search criteria and obtain perfectly organized information about any location in the city. There are over 1840 sections, 1140 pages, an alphabetic index and the most detailed Moscow map.

If your company info is missing, just fill in an online form and it will be added to the database.

Release date: May 07 1999


art director
designe, HTML, illustrations

Art. Lebedev Studio would like to thank Alexei Razhev and Valentin Taranets of Euroaddress for their contribution to the project

Search engine created using SSS Programmers Group technology

Map materials for Moscow Map provided by Dunaev 439th Central Experimental Military Cartographic Factory, intellectual property rights belonging to Military Topographic Department of the General Staff Headquarters

Typeface: Pragmatica

Only legal software was used in this project

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