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    Website content provided and updated by Euroset staff

    Task: to design a social network service.

    Eurovse, which means ‘Euro-everything,’ is a limited-access website for Euroset staff. You can login using your personal employee number or invitation code, if you are lucky enough to have one.

    Front page announces what’s there, more fun inside

    There are loads of topics in the “On Air” section. You are free to choose any of the discussions to join.

    On the inside

    Users can start blogs to tell about themselves and their interests, with all the video, photo and comments options at hand.

    Blogging communities take you to the next level

    Your personal page shows everything: your occupation, friends and leisure preferences.

    It’s all about personality

    The section entitled “Our Kind” allows visitors to learn about the places where they can meet their think-alikes. There are helpful reviews and announcements.

    All kinds of places and their visitors

    To get access to this service, you should get a job at Euroset.

    Release date: March 19 2009


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