Lorem Ipsum

This is what these websites looked like when we showed them to the clients:

Lenta.ru (design and filler text—Artemy Lebedev)

Molotok.ru (design and filler text—Roma Voronezhsky)

Hitachi (design and filler text—Roma Voronezhsky)

Yandex.Mail (design and filler text—Roma Voronezhsky)

From the life of Lorem Ipsum:

When we were creating a series of websites for Yandex we decided that each project would have its own slogan. For Yandex.Mail we came up with a boilerplate slogan “Everybody sends!” which the company decided to keep even after the service was launched.

For the Arsenal website we used the phrase “The best Russian software” to fill a heading. For several years this slogan could be seen on the company’s website, even surviving a redesign.

For a promo website for Visa Alfamobile bank cards we replaced section names with “Firstly,” “Secondly,” “And of course,” “Also,” “Besides,” etc. These names were kept on final website and can be seen there even today.

And you can’t even imagine how often filler pictures make their way into production websites!

In order to show website drafts to a client, we need to find some texts and pictures to put use on the site. Usually though, at the moment of presentation we don’t have any.

So what’s a designer to do? Well, he can use a Lorem Ipsum text.

He can use, insert, stretch and stuff the boilerplate text any way he likes. All in all, he can do anything he wants to make sure the draft looks like a finalized page.

If you were to use colored rectangles instead of real pictures and put “insert text here insert text here insert text here insert text here” in the place of real text, the draft would look unnatural.

Quite often this filler text becomes a part of the final website, so much does the client like it.

Filler text is pure creativity®

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