Making of an illustration for Samsung promo campaign

I need to make an illustration for Samsung promo page. The campaign raffles free flight tickets to any part of the world among the dealers.

Every participant gains points according to the amounts of dealer sales. The more points one gets, the wider choice he has of where to go.

Right after the manager has announced the task, I keep him a little longer and have him sit on the table.

This is actually a draft for the illustration—a dealer who receives his ticket. The notebook is to display the number of points.

To make the pose more compact I will need some spare parts:

I’m only allowed to use images of people from the client’s photo collection. I find a suitable view of the head and suggest politely that the eyes should be open.

I use these fragments to reconstruct the dealer’s body and furnish him with the notebook of the “right” brand.

Now I need an envelope with a ticket. In the light of my table lamp I use my one hand to hold the envelope while my other trembling hand takes the shot. It’s no fun to admit that yesterday’s twelve bottles of beer were too many.

I add proper design onto the envelope.

Then I replace the sheet on the photograph with the stylish ticket envelope and relief the dealer who doesn’t want to feel stupid reaching out his hand for nothing.

I put an abstract number of points on the screen:

It now calls for some perspective. Lets use the boxes with the notebooks sold through this character. I find nicely sealed packages, rearrange them in a better way and subject them to the rules of perspective I need.

The illustration is ready.

Narrated by Andrey Tikhanov

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