Making of an illustration for Tools section. Dialogues

“Dominik! We need an illustration for Tools section. That’s where we have different programs for working with texts, colors and stuff, a list of countries and so on.”

“The dwarfs are all right. And the boy with toys, too. But the section is more technical, so it has to load the quickliest possible. They would come not to look at some pictures, but to use the tools. So the illustration will appear aside, not like they do in Portfolio or News sections. The tool panel is cool, but it’s too small. What is it you had in reserve?”

“Yeah, lets work on this one.”

“The artist is fine. But make an opposite view—there should be square pixels on both the palette and the canvas. Like this it is not clear what’s that cord hanging from the easel.”

“Yep, only the ceiling should slope the other way, or else the page will be stretched and the image will be cut in the air. It has to be a side image.”

“Yes, just like that.”

“Yeah, wow, it’s almost done. Only the girl’s underpants are as if she was fifty, have the thongs. And the posture is porn-like. And it’s not pants she is supposed to be taking off, it’s a dress. Where did you get her anyway?”

“Ja, ja. That’s how they do it to pee in the woods. Show me another one.”


“Nope, won’t do. She is not supposed to look into the camera. It should be a view from the back.”

“Yeah, kind of. But now she’s shaking off dandruff. She has to be undressing the way women do—pulling her clothes off over the head. And she shouldn’t be extending one leg—she is not yet posing, she is getting ready in the studio.”

“Lets try the bottom one.”

“Lets make her body more feminine. Just fix the proportions and make the legs less muscular. And her butt more tender.”

“Yes, this one. Squeeze her vertically 10% and go ahead.”

“Dominik! The girl blends with the arm. And make a better paintbrush. And tilt the artist’s head—he is in the middle of creating.”

“The girl’s position sucks. We have headings there and she’s undressing in the very direction. And her dress looks like a sleeping gown.”

“Dominik! The arm blocks the girl again.”

“There, now it’s ok. Just wrinkle the apron some. And their skin color is that of a deadman, add more pink.”

“Super, we’re putting it up. Now lets make an illustration for Departments. What did we have there?”

Art director: Artemy Lebedev
Illustrator: Dominik Heilig

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