Igor Kuprin

Portraits of all kinds—gala, wedding, gravestone, from a photo—likeness guaranteed.
Wedding Trip
Fine Worker and Perfect Family Man
Good Morning, My Love
Facing the Wind
I Love You, Moscow!
New Boss
They Called You Earthworm!
Signs of Career Growth
Join to Make Us Three, Will Ya?
Before We Knew It
Japanese Gentleman
Use the Knight! Sure Thing!
Looks Like It’s Going to Rain
Home Reading
Eat Up!
Stressful Job
Don’t Tear Your Pants
Sabre Guy
On How Mistakes Are Useful
Your Kind Don’t Dance
Nice Swiss Knife
... to the Party
Pit Stop
Night Shift
Roll Roll Roll to Get Rich Rich Rich
Rouble Converted
Easy Does Not Do It
Hello, Is This Laundry?
Old Oxen Make Straight Furrows
Self-Satisfied Man
Resolute Man
Sad Man
Overly Smart Man
Curly-Haired Man
Chubby Man
Contemplating Man
Southern Man
Grandmaster Ponomaryov
Grandmaster Polgar
Grandmaster Leko
Grandmaster Kasymjanov
Grandmaster Grishchuk
Grandmaster Karlsen
Grandmaster Aronyan
Girls Wear Prado

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