Alexei Galushkov

Retro Atelier works are inspired by the past. Retro, in all its different forms and styles, is our pursuit. By trial and error, we covered a period of hundred years, from mid-19th century to the 1960s. The rest of the twentieth century proved uninteresting to us, as far as our professional ambition went. We have no intention of spitting into eternity. We do tricks—we take contemporary people back in time, the way paved by Herbert Wells.
Chevrolet. 1950s
Vamp. 1940s
In Love. 1930s
At a Café. 1910s
Dreams. 1920s
In the Circle. 1920s
Pearls. 1930s
Have a Coke
Bathing. 1900s
Dryad. 1900s
Catharina. 1900s

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