Alexander Jitomirsky

I drink at times. And I smoke more now. I can still can lift dumbbells though. I ve never studie at an art school. What I studied was sociology, object-oriented programming, and graphic design.

My parents belonged to the middle class. While in kindergarten, I was in love with Oksana. I enjoy watching popular science TV shows with my feet soaking in a bowl. Or sitting on a roof looking down. Or lying down staring up. Watching people, too. I can say I like myself, but I’m seldom satisfied.

I do photography, drawing. I clay model, cut and paste, and unscrew things. I get the kick out of the process to rarely like the result. I think about many things. But then I often forget much. So I try to write it down and draw a picture beside it.

There are two phases of the year between the winter and summer solstices. It’s hard to say how this influences me. My dream is to illustrate “The Critique of Pure Reason”. I am a contradictory person. I think I’m straight-forward and open. Others often have a different opinion. Writing about myself, I stop for a moment to wonder if anyone needs this at all.

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