• Illustrations
  • Oksana Grivina

    As a teenager, I dreamed of becoming a car mechanic. Perhaps I should have become one, too. I learned to write in short-hand once, and have been seeking harmony in life ever since.

    I like faces very much. I love watching, drawing, photographing them. Working on a character, I tend to adopt his mimics, so it must be fun watching me.

    Souls of the Tomato Stems
    Best Girl in the USSR
    Little Man
    Civil War Heroes
    Molecules Riding a Tandem
    Alice in Businessland
    Smile Institute
    Office Yoga
    Bank Acquisition
    Gogol Means the World to Us
    Newton and Berocca
    Archimedes and Berocca
    Mendeleyev and Berocca
    Happy New Year!
    Heart as a Gift
    They Want to Slaughter Me
    Glove poster
    Consumer Society
    Russian TV Series 2
    Russian TV Series 1
    Human Resource Management
    Back to School
    I Am Lunokhod-1
    CES map
    London tourist guide cover
    Okay Now, Be Happy!
    Personal Motto
    Baby Teeth
    Chinese Horoscope
    Castle Portraits. Family
    Technical Analysis
    Basket of Goods

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