Polina Medvedeva

I really love magazines and books. I can spend hours studying the images. I love Japanese books and Japanese contemporary magazine illustration. I like artists who use soft strokes. And I like people who can feel the space and know their smooth ways within.

What I like about illustration is its purposefulness and the ability to interact with space. Be it a text or a silk scarf. And I love the idea of authorship. You come to the studio looking to find a particular author, a real person, to create an illustration for you.

I love to draw. It doesn’t matter what it is—a toothpaste tube, or a girl buying suchi at a supermarket.

I enjoy observing light changing through space, seeing real-life colors smoothly flow, and there are no rigid borders. It’s amazing. So amazing, that it erases all borders inside my mind too. And I start drawing people’s faces with milk, and fashion model’s skin with Chanel toner. And, following an ancient Japanese recipe, into my blue paint for skies I may mix a drop of water from the lake that reflects it in spring. A bottle of such sky drops can be found on my shelf among paints and brushes.

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