Alexander Popov

I got into photography about 10 years ago. More than 7 years ago I started shooting underground construction works and metro. I believe abandoned plants, buildings, bridges and other places of the kind make the best ever landscapes. Underground is our everything, but I don’t stop there. I have a habit of seeing airplanes, high-rise structures, operating factories, cats and just any beautiful views through my camera. More joy for the camera, than myself.
Trubnaya metro station
Maryina Roscha metro station tunnel
Dostoyevskaya–Maryina Roscha tunnel
Serebryany Bor tunnel
Chekhovskaya metro station
Krasnye Vorota metro station
Krasnye Vorota metro station
Biblioteka Imeni Lenina metro station
Okhotny Ryad metro station
Crimea. Object 221
Underground submarine base
Underground submarine base
Yurievitch and a stand lamp
Underground Fortification
Underground Life
Chekhovskaya–Borovitskaya tunnel
Chekhovskaya metro station. Tunnel ways
Kaluzhskoye metro depot
Komsomolskaya–Krasnye Vorota tunnel
Serebryany Bor tunnel
MAKS Airshow 2007. MiG-29 OVT
MAKS Airshow 2007. MiG-35 and the vortex core
MAKS Airshow 2007. Su-30LL
MAKS Airshow 2007. Tu-334 take off
Boeing-747-200 landing

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