Alyona Tsaplina

I was born in the USSR, studied in Israel, currently live in Italy. I’ve loved drawing since I was little, and at the age of ten I decided that my work would involve using brushes, markers, paper, and things like that. So I became a designer and, a bit later, an illustrator. I draw with pencils and watercolors, do oil painting, but cutout technique is my favorite. It feels so good to get into a comfy armchair with piles of colored paper and fashion magazines to go through. And then, amidst all the fashion stuff, cooking recipes, survey results, and car ads, search and find my characters, and create collages.
Animals 2
Animals 1
First Day of a New Life
No Water?
Blue Bird
Fashion Victims
Without You
Swim Over Here
Got a Headache?
So Your Wife Left?

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