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Additional languages for Verbarius

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Verbarius has five preloaded languages: English, German, Spanish, French and Russian. And there is more—here you can easily download additional languages to enhance the capabilities of your clock and your own language skills.

To install a new language, download the archive you need, and extract its content. After that, connect your Verbarius to the computer (for now, it’s only compatible with Windows) or insert the Verbarius SD card into reader, and copy the file. You may have to restart the clock—pull out the plug, then plug it back in.

Attention! The card has FAT16 format, not FAT32. Files on the SD card are essential for Verbarius.

Language File size Date Version
Welsh 420 KB 24.06.2010 1.0
Lettish 810 KB 15.02.2010 1.3
Finnish 585 KB 06.07.2009 1.0
Turkish 1990 KB 02.07.2009 1.0
Belarusian 804 KB 25.03.2009 1.0
Esperanto 1589 KB 01.07.2009 1.0
Tatar 697 KB 06.03.2009 1.0
Portuguese (Portugal) 837 KB 06.03.2009 1.0
Portuguese (Brazil) 837 KB 06.03.2009 1.0
Hungarian 323 KB 27.01.2009 1.0
Ukrainian 869 KB 02.07.2009 2.0
Swedish 349 KB 27.01.2009 1.0
Slovenian 2046 KB 27.01.2009 1.0
Italian 317 KB 02.12.2008 1.0
Klingon 781 KB 28.02.2013 1.0
Estonian 1526 KB 11.12.2008 1.1
German (Bern) 387 KB 17.11.2008 1.0
Dutch 820 KB 17.11.2008 1.0
Spanish 884 KB 11.12.2008 1.1

How to add your language

New language packs are created by our developers team. Send us an .xls file and we’ll generate language pack in the special Verbarius format and publish it on this page. We don’t make files for specific individual purposes.

Please note that the clock’s display is designed to show two lines of text, about 24 symbols each (so you can’t use longer wordings).

There’s a limit of 10 text variations per minute, which makes the total of 14,400 variations per day for a single language.

Sample tables:

And if you are curious, here is the default SD card content:

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