• Graphic design
  • Yandex
  • The making of the advertising campaign for Yandex.Disk

    Overview   Process  

    Obtaining the task and examining the subject area. Clearly, cloud storage is in high demand today.

    Inviting the designers to join in. Creating images, slogans and metaphors.

    Showing the result to the art director.

    Remembering about the existing flying saucer logo, showing the examples of the world’s best advertising, talking about the effectiveness of unconventional advertising campaigns and showing our skills in graphic design. The client accepts the concept. Getting started.

    Talking to students to understand how they use the Internet to collaborate. Thinking over use cases. Simultaneously recalling how a regular classroom looks, the kinds of windows, doors and desks it has.

    Trying out different approaches.

    Holding a photo shoot for students at the studio.

    Arranging the composition.

    Proceeding to work on teaser ads and banners.

    Starting to work on the promotional website.

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