The making of the Exclusive Logistics logo

Overview• Process

Client: We move non-standard freight. Primarily vessels, yachts, modular buildings. The load has to be of a very big size. We employ both sea and truck transport.

Requirements for the logo. An image that would look good on trucks. The logo should reflect our business: transportation of very large, non-standard but not very heavy loads, should point out the exclusive character and uniqueness of our services and the premium class in logistics of large freights (big yachts, vessels, expensive equipment, etc.). Black and white color scheme or something close to it, it’s important not to have too many colors or an excessively complex geometry.

Requirements for the identity. We need a livery style for trucks pulling low-bed trailers for tall large loads (important: there are no tents on the flatbeds!!!) and one piece of the driver’s uniform (windbreaker, hat, t-shirt, gloves, anything you like). And also a souvenir of some kind.

The rest is up to you.

Getting started.

exlog process 01

Art director: No.

Second designer: Geometric letters + non-standard loads.

exlog process 02

Second designer: Another idea: letters Э and Л, an arrow and a truck.

exlog process 03

Art director: No, that’s not it.

Third designer:

exlog process 04

Art director: More.

Fourth designer:

exlog process 05

Art director: Do you want to make it into the Best Logos of 1978 list?

Third designer:

exlog process 06

Art director: No.

Second designer:

exlog process 07

Art director: No.

Third designer:

exlog process 08

Art director: Wrong direction.

Second designer: Large non-standard freights.

exlog process 09

Art director: No.

Third designer: Impossible objects.

exlog process 10

Art director: No.

Third designer: A butterfly made of cargo. Handling something massive with a light touch.

exlog process 11

Art director: At least it’s an interesting idea.

Second designer:

exlog process 12

Art director: The first ones aren’t trashy enough. The bottom ones look like the ant was crashed.

Third designer: To follow up, a butterfly made of arrows and a route with letters.

exlog process 13

Art director: No.

Second designer: Delivering cargo from one point to another by sea and land + exclusivity = outline of a star.

exlog process 14

Art director: No.

First designer:

exlog process 15

Art director: No.

Third designer: 2. Heraldic shield + a ship’s bow. 3. + the letter Э. 4. A complex calligraphic arrow in the shape of a shield or a sphere. 5. Heraldic ribbon + arrow.

exlog process 16

Art director: No.

First designer:

exlog process 17
exlog process 18

Art director: No.

First designer:

exlog process 19

Art director: No.

Second designer: What if we make the emphasis on exclusivity? A crown, a rotated Э on its head and a platform for the load.

exlog process 20

Art director: Looks like it has some Hindu roots.

Third designer:

exlog process 21

Art director: No.

Fifth designer: Large exclusive cargo. Variants with blue are for sea transportation.

exlog process 22

Art director: No.

Fifth designer: A paper boat: moving ships with ease. A crowned stone: expensive loads, exclusivity. Plus a couple more ideas about a large load on a platform and on water.

exlog process 23

Art director: No.

Third designer:

exlog process 24

Art director: Not what they’re about.

Fifth designer: Left to right: 16, 17, 18, 19.

exlog process 25

Art director: But it’s simply not cool enough. Guys, read the task over again.

Sixth designer: Hi) I read it and for some reason instantly thought about a kite. It’s dimensional, light, modular. Here.

exlog process 26
exlog process 27

Art director: But it doesn’t look like some sort of a logistic heroic deed.

Sixth designer: What about the image of a bird? Plus the first letters of the name.

exlog process 28

Art director: No.

Third designer: A super hero Atlas?

exlog process 29

Art director: No.

Seventh designer: Maybe, the magic carpet would work? It’s low, exclusive, will deliver anything anywhere. Or we can simply draw a flatbed using the letters.

exlog process 30

Art director: No.

Third designer: In collaboration with Anna Balabas.

exlog process 31

Art director: Delovie Linii, a stop sign and a torn tablecloth? Are you serious?

Fourth designer: The first one looks a lot like Dessa Decor logo

Third designer:

exlog process 32

Art director: Try to put the white fat arrow in the center of the red square.

Third designer:

exlog process 33

Art director: No, without that thing on the left. Something like 2 but with the arrow’s beams not filling the full height of the square.

Third designer: By the way, this is starting to look like the letter E, as in exclusive.

exlog process 34

Art director: No shit. Now let’s try to have the arrow thinner.

Third designer:

exlog process 35

Art director: Try number 5. And also try to make the arrow smaller. And point it straight into the top right corner.

Third designer:

exlog process 36

Art director: That’s it. That’s what the logo should be. Now we just need to add the text properly (and with no typos).

exlog process 37

Third designer: The text should probably be positioned in some interesting way, since the symbol is so simple?

exlog process 38

Art director: No, it should be exactly the way text usually is on good logos.

Third designer:

exlog process 39

Art director: That’s what the text looks like on bad logos.

Third designer: The classic spacious layout and large margins.

exlog process 40

Art director: It’s a logistics company, not a jewelry store.

Third designer: Dense typesetting and a slight slant.

exlog process 41

Art director: The text is positioned poorly. There should be no slant. The second word should start with a lowercase letter.

Third designer:

exlog process 42

Art director: The text should be at the bottom right corner. Now search for its size.

Third designer:

exlog process 43

Art director: Yes, this is better. Now try different sizes.

Third designer:

exlog process 44

Art director: Go with 4 but bring the text up higher.

Third designer:

exlog process 45

Art director: The one on the right.