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    to design a rehabilitation exoskeleton.

    Exoatlet creates exoskeletons that allow people with musculoskeletal disorders move freely and enjoy life. An exoskeleton is a motorized frame that attaches to a person’s body and allows them to walk, sit and stand up without outside help. An exoskeleton provides a way to restore motor functions for people who have recently been injured with partial loss of sensation in legs, while to wheelchair users it gives a chance to visit previously inaccessible places and becomes an effective means of rehabilitation: normal walking significantly improves health and gives freedom and joy to a person who has spent a long time in a wheelchair. Design of the exoskeleton exterior was created at the studio.

    exoatlet side

    The structural part of the exoskeleton is hidden behind a fabric cover that makes the high-tech device look like a casual piece of clothing. The fabric does not considerably increase the weight of the device which prevents it from looking like body armor and its user appearing like a cyborg. A regular-looking backpack hides the lumbar corset that supports the back as well as additional controls and batteries.

    exoatlet walk 1200
    The exoskeleton can be adjusted to individual parameters of a user and is controlled with buttons on the crutches

    exoatlet seat

    artistic director

    • Artemy Lebedev

    art director

    • Timur Burbaev

    industrial designers

    • Boris Tarasov
    • Andrey Fabishevsky
    • Sofia Solomko
    • Aleksey Sharshakov

    fashion designer

    • Marina Shevkunova


    • Viktor Lvov

    project managers

    • Anastasia Prischepa
    • Larisa Melnikova
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