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    Client: Hi! I have a small law firm that helps drivers increase insurance payouts after accidents. Hardly anybody knows that in 90% of cases insurance companies underpay their clients. Of course, it’s understandable since all their money goes to stakeholders whose names you can see in Forbes lists :) But at least there’s us and we want to grow, which is why we need to replace the logo that I drew with something cool, which is exactly what Art. Lebedev Studio is so good at. The new logo will define the growth of our company, I can feel it! And it just so happens that we have 100 000 rubles available :) Our website is at www.expert-pravo.com. I will be very happy to make this work!

    We think that it would be cool to see the logo and the corporate identity as a combination of conservative (that is, understandable) and modern styles, to maintain law firm associations yet be different from your run of the mill lawyer offices or next-door legal consultation services. Right now the company is called Expert Legal Center which is something I came up with two years ago, of course there’s a lot of companies with the same name. Right now we are considering a new name that would be in line with our ideas about the logo and the corporate style. If you could come up with a name, that would be very cool!

    Designer: Anything worthwhile here?

    expert process 1

    Art director: Number 3 is OK. But you don’t have to come up with the name, it’s not part of our Express Design offering.

    Designer: Upgrade of the 3. I like number 13 though.

    expert process 2

    Art director: 10 is OK, but the top should look straight up, no need to slant it.

    Designer: How about here?

    expert process 3

    Art director: They’ve decided on the name: “Expert Legal Center, emphasize Expert.” The rest is OK.

    Designer: Just to make sure, the words “emphasize Expert,” did you add that or is that part of the new name?

    Art director: That’s what they said, which is why it’s in quotation marks.

    Designer: I’ve added “Emphasize Expert.” OK?

    expert process 4

    Art director: Shit. “Emphasize Expert” simply meant that you had to emphasize the word Expert, for example by making it bold.

    Designer: Well, shit. And here I am trying to understand this weird name.

    Fixing, polishing, adjusting line spacing.

    expert process 5


    expert process 6