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Task: to create a website that explains how an app works.

The Faceter app is used for all video surveillance needs: watching over a child at home, keeping an eye on your country house or just for fun. Any smartphone can be used as a camera, giving a second life to old hardware. To make Faceter friendlier and easier to use, an instructive website was created in the studio.

The story begins with a cluttered drawer with an old phone. Thanks to Faceter, it becomes useful again.

The app’s narrative shows possible ways of installing the phone using improvised means so users don’t waste time trying to find the best solution.

People approach video surveillance creatively, which is illustrated by a gallery of real examples of improvised mounts.

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One of the key features—a convenient video archive with frame-by-frame rewinding—is shown in detail.

The Faceter website is a full-fledged action manual that makes working with the app easier.

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Made in 109 days
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