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The making of Fartukus-2

• Process

Gathering and writing down all the customer feedback about the first Fartukus. It turns out that the neck strep rubs the neck and doesn’t fix the length at the chest. Changing the design: separating the neck strap and the waist strap. Adding a clasp to the neck strap. Per request of our hostesses, making the front pocket narrower to prevent it from bagging over time. Refreshing the sewn in logo.

fartukus2 process 01

Everybody wears the apron differently: some up high, others lower, on some it hangs like a bag, on others it fits tightly. Trying various layouts and searching for a place for the print where it wouldn’t crease and could be easily seen.

fartukus2 process 03

The art director chooses a design and asks to bring the illustration lower. Trying the layout on a real chef.

fartukus2 process 02

The art director approves the mock-up.

Estimating the mutual position of elements on the label.

fartukus2 process 04

Replacing Antiqua with Grotesque and deciding on the typeface size.

fartukus2 process 05

Order a design...