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FC Krasnodar stadium match and season tickets

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to develop match and season tickets for a stadium.

FC Krasnodar offers visitors single match tickets and three types of membership cards, standard, silver and gold, that work as season tickets. Depending on the category of the card, owners get better seats and additional services such as use of a separate entrance to the stadium, a parking spot in the indoor parking lot or free drinks in the restaurant. Match and season tickets designed at the studio received clear and recognizable design.

green back green front
silver back silver front
gold back gold front
Standard, silver and gold membership cards

The cards are presented in souvenir boxes which are a pleasure to hold and to give to fans you know. The boxes are decorated with a drawing of the arena and a dotted pattern resembling the stadium’s grand circular screen. The lid is held in place with a magnet.

krasnodar package

Layout of single match tickets is developed with automatic printing of information in mind. If needed, visitors can additionally purchase parking or entrance to the bar which will be reflected in the ticket.

krasnodar ticket_empty
Seat number is printed in large numbers in a separate field
Nearest service points are shown on the ticket
krasnodar ticket
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