• Graphic design
  • The making of the Finam gift certificate

    Overview• Process

    Getting information from the client, starting to work.

    The first designer suggests ideas.

    Art director: All very conservative right now.

    The second designer joins in.

    The art director likes the modern design.

    The client wants something more reserved. Searching for a background.

    Continuing to work, piling up more ideas.

    Art director: Too many pictures on this one, just too much of everything, it distracts from the idea of stocks. You need to work with guilloche grids and use them for expression. And good typography, of course.

    Making a move towards classics.


    Deciding to go with the first variant. Decorating it based on the client’s corporate identity.

    Art director: The ornaments are rough and archaic.

    Preparing a presentation with the second certificate.

    The client chooses landscape orientation. Starting to polish details and the layout.

    We also need a universal hologram for all certificates.

    Searching for an idea.

    Art director: File number 3 is better in layout, but has too much sport right now.

    The client expects several designs. Suggesting a glass frame with a pattern that creates an dramatic shadow. Trying different arrangement options.

    Choosing the third one.

    The illustrator draws a dynamic bull.

    Adding a background with charts and graphs.

    Showing to the client.

    Adding the name, finalizing the details.